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More Holiday Fun

Top to bottom in age: Pixie and Barkley, Checkers, Lacey, Ruffles and Sprite.


The perfect Christmas card photo, Ann!

Riley is wondering if Santa left anymore treats?


Happy Holidays, Anna!

Taffy is staying warm by the fire this year.


A little cutie pie, Lisa!

Wylie is wishing he had Taffy’s warm fireplace?


Still looks pretty Charlene! ;)

Forrest was such a good sport posing with Santa!


What a good boy, Bill and Natasha!

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  1. Great pictures!

  2. All of the Shelties on the stairs are picture perfect the color of the stairs and the shelties coats are so blended the poses are great this picture should be in a calendar. I love it All of the Shelties are beautiful. I am sure they have all been just perfect all year and got good treats from Santa.

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