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Don’t worry Naiche and Naruto, Santa is coming!

Happy Holidays to you as well DK!

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  1. Just like my two. always on the look out. However, I do have sad news. Dory (The Goddess of Fall from last week or so) is very sick. Took her to the vet the other day, and she is in chronic renal failure, with perhaps only 10% kidney function. I am sad to say I am going to lose my little girl,

    • My sympathies, it is so hard since we all love our Shelties and they are a big part of our lives. They say you should let them go when it is hard for you and easier on them, not wait until is is easier for you and harder on them.

  2. Naiche and Naruto look like the cutest bookends!

  3. Oh my word, two FLUFFY PUPPIES!!!!

    How darn adorable they are!

    Lucky you DK to own such beautiful shelties!!
    Naiche and Naruto can watch at my house anytime!

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