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You’re Doing it Wrong

Alfie says: “Really, Ruby?”


Happy Holidays, Jess!

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  1. Alfie is the spokes model and Ruby is the apprentice.

  2. LOL!!! Love this!

  3. I always check Sheltie Nation before I start work in the morning to get a happy start to my day. This morning I had to laugh out loud. So cute. I bet Ruby is quite the character with Alfie being the patient furkid. He has that look of I have to live with this every day.

  4. Put a huge smile on my face this morning. Love it.

  5. Looks like Ruby shook her hat off pdq!

  6. There is always that one kid that can’t get it right. lolol :-)

  7. Aww – loving that sweet sheltie face…………..(:

  8. Hahahaha Love it! ð?¾ð???ð?º

  9. Lauren Bonnie and Samson ð???

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