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New Year’s Resolution – Snuggle More

This is a Second Chance Sheltie Rescue alum, Toby.

At 15 years young, this sweet boy still enjoys sleeping on his mom’s bed.


Hugs for giving him such a loving home, Christine!

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  1. Toby is precious! It warms my heart seeing a senior sheltie so pampered! :-)

  2. Dear, sweet, adorable Toby… It just warms my heart and soul to know how much you are loved and pampered! I would just live to snuggle up with you!

    I just love seniors!

  3. What a sweetie Toby is! A handsome snuggle bunny.

  4. What a sweet, sweet face this little doll baby has. I’m just wondering how you manage to leave your bed when this is who you have to snuggle with? Please give an extra hug and cuddle from me please and a kiss would be ok too!

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