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Finding Your Bliss


Peggy has found hers!


And snow on the nose too, Sylvie!

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  1. Making Sheltie snow angels maybe?!

  2. love�.love��love�..

  3. Oh to be so carefree! Enjoyment at its fullest. Hysterical.

  4. Sweetest little snow angel!

  5. That’s Sheltie heaven there. What a sweetie!

  6. They are all so alike! We call this ‘polishing the fur’ at my house.

  7. yep, Peggy is sure enjoying herself!

  8. Oh my goodness Sylvie, look at all the fun your sweet little Peggy is having in all that fluffy white stuff! I do believe this is what you would call being in 7th Heaven. It is just so much fun to watch the “children” at play when they are having such a glorious time!

  9. ��好き!!

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