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I’m Gonna Sulk ‘Til You Play With Me

Ajax & Merly are working the guilt angle pretty hard.


Such a look, Gerald!

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  1. Ours guilts us into playing with him every night when it is time for bed… You can’t say no to that face!

  2. Very effective guilt trip, kids – nicely done!

  3. Those are some sad dogs! Luckily there’s an easy cure for it-grab that toy and play tug with Ajax & Merly! They’re both so cute.

  4. I get that look everyday!! We play laser tag………….(:

  5. The famous “shektie look”!

  6. Yep, know that look well!!!

  7. Goodness daddy Gerald, how COULD you let that look continue . . . one little toy toss is all it would take for you to see that beautiful signature Sheltie smile.

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