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Salvation Army Needs You!

If every kettle had a cute Sheltie like Griffin, I think donations would be WAY up!


See? More donations! :)sheltie-griffin-donate-2

So nice of you both to volunteer during the holidays, B0b!

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  1. That is a wonderful idea! Nobody can resist a sweet Sheltie.

  2. I would donate more often if a sheltie was waiting on me to pet him.

  3. The donations would overflo â?¥

  4. You know that is true!

    Griffin and Bob need to recommend it to all that are kind enough to help others in need at red kettle time! Thanks to you both for volunteering!

    Such a heart warming shot!

  5. I agree, I think that would be the fullest kettle in their area, and by far the most handsome “kettle attendant” on duty! WTG Griffin, raising all that money for such a good cause.

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