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The Stare Down x2

No one stands a chance against the powers of Logan and Jasmine.


It must be something tasty, Gloria! :)

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  1. Two beauties!! I would have to give in, as their look is so cute.

  2. “Okay….who has the cheese?”

  3. Logan and Jasmine are here to remind you that your mamma’s always taught you to share . . . it is oh so obvious that that they feel it is the right thing to do here!

  4. Someone obviously has something they want! Sweet babies :)

  5. Ok-somebody is eating. “Can we have some?”

  6. They can give you some looks, sweet babies.

  7. Oh, tag team stare-down! Very effective!

  8. “Human, you are powerless against us. Give us cheese. NOW.”

  9. Actually, it is more like… it’s time for dinner MOM!

  10. I like what ever your eating please.

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