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Is Your Nose Cold, Too?

Patrick and Dillon compare their snow frosting. :)


Lovely, Ron!

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  1. A breathtaking photo in numerous ways.

  2. Only thing more beautiful than a Sheltie is multiple Shelties!

  3. Sweet sheltie’s, soo adorable!

  4. They look like mirror images. So gorgeous.

  5. And the snow melts and makes them smell good ….

  6. PiÄ?kny widok, widaÄ? ze pieski sa z sobÄ? bardzo zżyte.❤️

  7. A sheltie in the snow, so beautiful.

  8. Great shot of two gorgeous Shelties!

  9. However, it is an unbelievably pretty picture – they form almost a heart – so beautiful. !!!!!!!!!

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