Sheltie Nation

Modern Family – Sheltie Style!

5 generations of adorable Shelties!

Back row: Blaire, Maggie, Yankee

Front row: Faith, Myah


Thanks to Deb and L&M Shelties. :)

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  1. Wouldn’t you like to gather them all up in one big hug?

  2. How in the world you keep 5 shelties still at once.

  3. what a great family picture…. everyone looking right, all attentive, mom did good to get all them attentive

  4. what a gorgeous group of Shelties!

  5. The most beautiful dogs in the world.

  6. They are the most beautiful fur-babies in the world!!!!

  7. Beautiful babies, they’re the prettiest dogs, ever and one of the smartest breeds. I miss mine, so much.

  8. bet they have multiple vacuums in that home.

  9. They are so precious, love me some shelties, oh I miss mine so much

  10. Love Shelties, this family is so adorable!

  11. Oh my goodness, be still my heart! One of the nice things about this picture is I don’t have to pick a favorite . . . having said that, there is little Faith sitting on the front row! Each one of these fur babies are so beautiful and all wrapped in the total Sheltie packages.

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