Sheltie Nation

Where are YOU going to sit?

Chair hogs: Wally, Luke, Sprite, Denver
Callie & Pepsi (the Un-Sheltie)


Oh my, Debbie! Amazing they all cooperated!

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  1. How did that Pomeranian get in there?

  2. A bouquet of Shelties (& one very cute Pom)

  3. I have two, and they sure no how to take over!….haha

  4. One of these dogs doesn’t belong. One of these dogs is doing his own thing.

  5. How did you get all of them to do this so nicely? I am impressed! They are all gorgeous. Shelties are super-special.

  6. All of those eyes staring at you all day!!

  7. Looks like a “which one doesn’t belong” pic lol

  8. now thats a lot of Shelties! so cute

  9. They are so cute !!!

    -I wish me definitely such a chair with the content for my birthday :-)

  10. OMG, Could they be any cuter? I think NOT!
    Loved that the little Pom sneaking in the shot!

    What fun it must be at your house!

  11. John Maplebar Barg heaven for me

  12. WOW Debbie, what an amazing feat you just accomplished! I sure hope everyone of these little beauties got lots of cookies for a job well done. And little Pepsi, your “un Sheltie” is as adorable as all the Sheltie babies. What a house full of love you live in!

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