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THIS JUST IN: Happy First Birthday, Tess!

Scotland’s Littlest Terrorist (a.k.a. The Loch Tess Monster) officially left puppyhood behind and turned one. I don’t think she’s mellowing out anytime soon. Maybe when she’s 10 or 11?


Love ALL the nicknames Ken!

She is adorable!

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  1. What a soulful look! Or does she just think she has been punished by wearing this hat? She really is adorable. Happy Birthday, sweet little one.

  2. Mine wouldn’t have ever stood for that. Hope you have a great birthday, Tess. You are beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday Tess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a beauty! Happy birthday Tess, and never grow up.

  5. Happy Birthday Tess, you have a wonderful day full of toys and treats

  6. Happy Birthday Tess you are so beautiful

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