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Someone Is Having A Better Birthday Party Than You!

Dickie’s 10th birthday was this past week.

It is hard to believe that a decade has passed since we brought home literally a large guinea pig and watched him grow into our beautiful Sheltie.

dickie-bday-1It is brutally hot here so I made Dickie a nice cool birthday supper made of human food just for this special night. A grilled chicken tender, a Sheltie sized baked potato, lettuce, yellow beans, baby tomatoes and parsley from my garden, sliced carrots, some boiled egg and a little spoonful of baked beans (which he is mad for).

dickie-bday-2As you can see the lettuce was not a hit!

dickie-bday-3What a lucky, lucky boy, Nancy!

Happy birthday Dickie!


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  1. That is one amazing birthday dinner. My sheltie would think he died and went to doggie heaven. Dickie is one lucky sheltie

  2. Dickie is wonderful! What a good, conscientious meal. My sheltie actually enjoys raw greens but she comes back to them and noshes once everything else is eaten; she’s the “oh well, something’s better than nothing” type of gal.

  3. Dickie’s got the BEST sheltie parent! Nancy, you put us all to shame!
    What a wonderful thing to do for your beloved boy!

  4. With that lovely birthday banquet at his feet, how were you able to get Dickie to look away for this adorable photo?

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