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Why do you ask?

Sheltie in a wagon

Sammy is a happy 9,5 year old dog, despite having Osteoarthritis, Cushings disease and a permanent iron pin in his left front leg (so he can’t bend it). Because he can’t walk long distances, we bought a wagon for him, which is a funny sight, because, while we walk he has again a big smile while looking around. On this photo he looks impatient, because he doesn’t accept having to wait for us getting ready.
The Netherlands


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  1. Bless his little heart!
    You have to love Sammy even more with his medical issues.

    Thanks for helping him live a full life and enjoying every minute with you Marc!

    His face and expression are just precious.

    Living with a 14-year-old senior with bone spurs in his back I understand the lack of mobility. I have a stroller for him and he enjoys riding in it!

    Seniors are the BEST!

  2. Aw, Sammy looks so loved and happy! My Sheltie boy, Sherlock, says hi to Sammy from Park City, Utah!

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