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The Cutest Sheltie Ears You’ve EVER SEEN.

I bet most people are gonna nod their head (after they’ve regained consciousness) and go “Yes, she’s right.”

Sheltie with fuzzy ears

OMG, Lara! I think Jamie is a Muppet — he’s too cute to be real!?


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  1. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! HOW did you take this photo? What lighting and background did you use? Just beautiful!!!

    • Thank you so much! You make me blush! :D I used an external flash on my right side and a simple black background from Falcon Eyes!

  2. Oh my… what a beautiful photo.

  3. Thanks so much guys!

  4. Jamie is a DOLL!

  5. I love Shelties’ overbites, so cute.

  6. OK, cuteness overload x 1,000!

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