12/08/2006 - 04/07/2017

Memorial created 04/14/2017 by Laura.

Rest in peace, my most beautiful boy.

Even after all these years, you still take my breath away.
How I wish we had more time together. You made me so happy,
and it was an honor being your person.
Thank you for sharing your life with me.
I love you too much, you know.

Candles left in memory of Blue

  1. Laura says:

    Nothing in the sorrow of your dying can take away from the joy we had together.
    One day, I will no longer remember the wrenching grief at your passing.
    It is real and it is savage, but also transitory.
    The joy will remain. I love you, Blue.

  2. Laura says:

    Thinking of you and wondering where you are and if you are happy. Wishing you were here with me and Bella. How I miss you. I love you, Blue.

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