11/08/2008 - 10/11/2017

Memorial created 10/23/2017 by Donna.

When do we eat?

Dear Reggie:

Thank you for almost nine years of play and love. Runt of the litter, you were born with both kidneys malformed and too small. But with all the joy you spread far and wide, you almost made your ninth birthday!

Thanks so much little guy. Your “two-leggeds” (and there are A LOT) couldn’t have asked for more. Much love.

Candles left in memory of Reggie

  1. Rosalind says:

    Reggie, you were always welcome at our house, whether scoping out the driveway or eyeing the bowls of cat food kibbles inside, unfazed by the disapproving stare of the tufted fur ball Mischa. I remember meeting you when you were a fur ball! So cute, so friendly. We all miss you.

  2. Reggie's Two-Legged Mom says:

    Even the baristas at Starbucks miss Reggie! We used to have so much fun going through the drive-thru, and your favorite things were little nibbles of the mini vanilla scones. I wish you could’ve been there for the free lunch little guy.

    • Yasmin says:

      I heard mom come home today while I happened to be there at your home. There was a deafening silence that followed her in. I tried to pay attention to what I was doing and brush off the memory of your “happy, I’m home” sounds you would make as you walked in. First I would hear the key turn in the lock, then mom shout a happy hello followed by the sound of your collar clanking as you would run around the house to find who was there. When you found me, you would greet me with big smiles and happy sounds. Gladly I would pet you and we would have our special time together doing our little routine. This evening, the missing of you lingers in my heart. A void in many of our hearts where joy and laughter once lived.
      Another one of your admirers, Yasmin

  3. Liz Watts says:

    Dear Reggie,

    You left us too soon, but at least you’re not suffering anymore. I really miss and love you.
    You provided me with great pet therapy during work and made myself and probably everyone else’s day better at Forest.

    RIP Boo Boo <3

  4. Craig says:

    You lit up our lives daily and brought a smile to everyone who was lucky to know you. From the moment your mommy showed me your baby pictures I knew you were going to be a special addition to her life – but I never quite counted on the friendship and bond that we formed. I know you’re banging on God’s door demanding baby carrots now! I hope we’ll be reunited some day in some way…..there are no words or boundaries for the love in my heart……missing you my little pal.

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