Look at these sweet Sheltie faces! If you have been considering adding a new family member to your household, this rescue has many needy Shelties looking for their forever homes.

Digby is an easy going guy that quickly adapts to new situations. He greets you each morning with a tail wag and usually a toy in his mouth. He is not the least bit demanding and only asks for a bowl of food and someone to open the door. You don’t even have to open the door for him if you have a doggie door to a fenced yard, because he quickly learned to let himself in and out by watching the other dogs. Even though he has a few years on his paws, he’s always ready for a game of fetch or tug. He’s quick to alert you if he hears a strange sound, but he’s not an overly vocal boy. He walks nicely on a leash and travels well.

He would appreciate a home with few stairs and a doggie door or someone home to let him out frequently. He is tolerant of cats and other dogs as long as they don’t invade his personal space. One person said, “Digby is the coolest Sheltie I’ve ever met!”

Max is a 12-years young bright, funny scamp who grew up in a home with little structure where he was allowed to have his own way most of the time. He is a “resource guarder” who claims anything that falls on the floor as his own. His favorite game is to steal a tissue from the waste basket and run around shaking it in his caregiver’s face to invite a chase.

Max’s playful ways belie the difficult life he led in recent years with an owner who suffered from dementia and frequently forgot to feed him or give him water. When turned into NVSR by concerned relatives, Max suffered from severe dehydration and near starvation. His loving foster family has nursed him back to surprisingly good health. Max enjoys walks and hanging out with other dogs in a fenced yard.

Pepper is 12 years young.  Pepper is a very handsome tricolor boy and just a delight to be around. He’s happy to do whatever you are doing as long as he can be with you.   He enjoys a game of fetch but is also happy to hang out with you.  He would enjoy a nice daily walk or a car ride.  He is a gentleman on the leash or in the car.

Pepper is glad to meet any new friends and is not shy – he’s a dog you could take anywhere as a Sheltie ambassador.  He loves attention and appreciates a good belly rub.  He is good with other dogs and even cats!

If you are interested in adopting any of these cutie-pies, visit the Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue website and fill out an application today!

Update: All these cuties have been adopted!  There are other dogs waiting for their forever homes in this rescue, so be sure to check them out!

This cutie-pie named Sable is available through Northern Chesapeake Sheltie Rescue.

Sable is a happy, healthy 10 years young Sheltie.   His foster mom reports he is an absolute sweetheart and is as close as they’ve seen to a perfect Sheltie!  He loves to cuddle and gets along with other dogs.  He is okay with kids, very obedient and attentive and did I mention cute as a button?  He would prefer a fenced yard but does walk well on a leash.

Gracie is a smaller spayed female, also about 10 years old.  She is a playful, active girl.  She tries to play with other dogs but doesn’t quite know how; so she may do best as an only dog (or with a laid back dog that will tolerate her antics!)

She would make a great companion for someone who is home all day or not gone for long periods of time.  She is hard of hearing but manages very well!  A fenced yard required for Gracie.

Contact the rescue and fill out an adoption application today!

Duke & Daniel had a rough start in life and are still looking for their forever homes. Both these boys were rescued from a puppy mill. Unfortunately no foster homes are available, so they are staying at a local kennel.  Both these boys are up to date on shots and neutered.

Duke (on the right) is very sweet but is shy. He does need a home that is willing to work with him.

Daniel (below) is happy, playfulm but also a little shy.  Oh, but he loves to give kisses!!!

Wont you consider adoptiong either of these sweethearts?  Visit the NJ Sheltie Rescue website and fill out an adoption application today!

Update 11/29/11: Duke has been adopted but Daniel is still looking for a home!


This is Mo (Moses)- a sable sheltie available for adoption with Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana.  He took a ride with me and my sister last weekend to pick up an owner surrender Sheltie.  While waiting for their arrival, we took in some shopping at The Christmas Tree Shop 

Auntie Robin found this mask to help keep Mo in disguise so as not to disrupt the entire store with his boyish good looks!  (He’s just 3!)  It didn’t work!  We couldn’t keep this canine Casanova under wraps for long.  Everyone who past him in the store had to pat on him and he returned the love with kisses to all his admirers!

Check out Mo’s page for more information & to fill out an adoption application!

Thanks for fostering this seriously cute guy, Jenny!

Bea is an adorable double dilute Sheltie puppy who was born May 10, 2011. These Shelties are known by several different names: double merle, double dilute or homozygous merle.

Sadly, many of the resulting puppies from this type of breeding happen to be mostly blind and/or deaf.  Bea is no exception.  But thankfully she is a happy girl who is doing fine in her foster home and quickly learning the “lay of the land”.

She is social and tries to interact with the other dogs – although they aren’t quite sure what to do with this active little puppy!  She is quickly picking up house training and it won’t be too long before the foster parents introduce the dog door.  She appears healthy and is undergoing her vaccinations.  She will be microchipped and spayed prior to adoption.  Somebody with patience and a willingness to work with her is going to end up with a wonderful girl!

If you might be interested in giving this cutie pie the loving home she deserves, contact Arizona Sheltie Rescue, Inc.


This little cutie pie is Benji!

Currently 6 months old, 10.2 lbs and perhaps 11-1/2″ at the shoulder,  he’s going to stay on the small side when mature.  Apparently he’s quite the little character!

His foster mom reports that he loves to be snuggled and will stand on his hind feet with his paws on your leg asking to be picked up & held!  OMG, every Sheltie lover’s dream dog!

He’s also SOOO fast, his tiny body becomes a blur as he races around the room when playing with his “housemates”.  Pounces with delight on toys; which we all know is always just too cute for words. His foster mom is working on his house manners (and he has improved quite a bit since his first day in foster care less than a week ago!)

Benji is one of 3 puppies [age 5-6 months] recently rescued from the Lancaster mills by NJ Sheltie Rescue.  If you can’t resist adopting one of these sweeties, please visit NJ Sheltie Rescue’s website and complete an application:  www.njsheltierescue.org

Act fast, because with a face like that, you know he is going to be adopted quickly!!!!

8/14/2011 Benji is pending adoption, but two others are still looking for homes!

Dottie is a special needs girl looking for that special forever home!  Dottie is a very sweet, 6 yr old sable female that just came into Second Chance Sheltie Rescue.  She is crate trained and has lovely manners.  She gets along well with other dogs and is always looking for a hand to give her some ear scratches!

Dottie had a mammary tumor removed which was cancerous, but thankfully it was not an aggressive form of cancer and all was removed.  She is a breast cancer survivor and wears her pink ribbon proudly!  (She will need a chest x-ray every 6 months for 2 years.)

Dottie also has arthritis in her elbow and hip and will need to be on a joint supplement and possibly some pain medication. Although she is still quite playful!

Sadly, Dottie had also been shot in the foot by some abusive boys.  One toe is partly missing and another (a weight-bearing toe) was broken and never treated.  That toe healed completely crooked and therefore offers no ability to help bear weight on that leg.  This does cause her to limp some.

She would need a house with only one or two steps to the yard — preferably none.  To learn more about her & to see a video of her playing, visit her page at Second Chance Sheltie Rescue.

UPDATE 7/6/11:  Dottie’s was seen here on Sheltie Nation by Suzie in FL.  Her super sweet face could not be resisted & her adoption is now in progress!  Woot!