Sheltie Nation

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Goodnight Sheltie

(Door squeaks open and a little nose appears.)

Tyler says: “Dad, it is way past OUR bedtime.  Come upstairs!”

Important News from Sheltie Nation Headquarters!

Do not, I repeat, do NOT feed Shelties after midnight.

This seems to make them multiply. ;)

We are still working on a name, but will keep you all posted! :)

Workin’ Overtime at Sheltie Nation HQ

Tyler says: “I like to dream that mommy is putting my picture up on Sheltie Nation again.”

Mommy loves to make you happy little man!

Sheltie Photobomb

Tyler says: “but I’m the cute one!”

So Where’s the Party?

Toby is all ready for his New Year’s Eve party.

Guess who I’ll be kissing at midnight?  ;)