Toby’s cheek is the perfect remedy after a stressful week.Have a great weekend everybody!

Tyler says: ‘Grandma, if you don’t stop playing angry birds, you are going to have an angry Sheltie!’

Trevor loved Christmas.  Nothing would make him happier than to help you open your presents!

I hope you all have a fuzzy helper (or two) this year. Merry Christmas everyone!

Today would have been Trevor’s 12th birthday.  I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite puppy pictures of him.

Puppy time goes by way too fast.

I will always love & miss you sweetpea.  You made a difference in the world!

Today (again) we launch the new Sheltie Nation design!   Please take a few minutes to check out the new format & let me know what you think.

There will be a few tweaks & adjustments here & there, but all the big changes are complete.  I owe the E. Webscapes team a big round of applause in their help in making this a reality.

I started this project earlier this year & before Trevor passed away.  Afterward,  I wasn’t so sure I would continue with the site let alone finish the redesign.  But one of the best things about Trevor was that he took great pleasure in making people happy.  If you were happy, he was happy.  I hope this site brings you much happiness!

I love you Trevor.  I miss you & wish you were here to celeberate with me.  May your nurturing spirt live on.