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The Cool Kid

Our sweet Timmy would let us do absolutely anything to him. We were cleaning out some things of our granddaughter’s that she had outgrown, and decided to try these on Timmy. He wears them well, doesn’t he?

Sheltie in sunglasses

He is such a good sport, Paige!

What Are You Wearing to the Fancy Dress Party?

Oh this? This is just something I threw together.

Sheltie in dress

Sarah is very stylish, Katherine. ;)

Oh, Grow Up

Ben: “So what if I play dress-up!?! The cat still plays in the sandbox!”

Sheltie in cowboy hat

He looks adorable, Elizabeth. ;)

I’m too Sexy!

Ariel is all dressed up for her red carpet runway walk as a past mascot for Woofstock in Kansas City.

Sheltie dressed up

Too funny, Jill!

The Elvish Stink-Eye

Not so Happy Holidays from Caleb & Kobe! :/

Unhappy shelties in elf costumes

Oh my, Margaret! LOL! But they are sooo cute.