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The Elvish Stink-Eye

Not so Happy Holidays from Caleb & Kobe! :/

Unhappy shelties in elf costumes

Oh my, Margaret! LOL! But they are sooo cute.

Sheltie On A Shelf

BB Blair: “Hoomins Should Know Better.”

Sheltie elf on shelf

Poor Blair, but we like this twist on Elf on a Shelf, Sheila! :)


Our Kind of Halloween Costumes!

Teagan and Tully are pretty relieved this is as far as it went this year!

Shelties in halloween bandanas

Ah but they did get groomed too right, Julie? :)


The Pope Has Arrived!

And wants cookies.

Alms for Shelties!

Sheltie dressed as popeSo silly but fun, Teresa!

Still on a Halloween Sugar High!

Scarlett, a TDI certified therapy dog, celebrated her herding dog heritage by trick-or-treating at the assisted living & nursing homes we visit weekly. She collected a bucket filled with doggie treats, thus making the costume all worthwhile.

Sheltie in sheep costume

Just so adorable, Helene!