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It’s that Time of Year!

Out come the jack jake o’ lanterns!

Jake says: “be safe and have fun!”

Sheltie in pumpkin costume
Of course cookies help too right, Alana and John? ;)

Saddle UP, Cowboy!

This is our much loved Shasta.

We adopted her from the Tulsa Sheltie Rescue although we live in Kansas City.


He doesn’t even need a cowboy hat to be cute, Brian!

What is this thing?

Put a tiara on a Prince?!


Oh my, Margie! Cookies for Scout…STAT!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Panda says: “Wait a minute, isn’t Halloween long gone?”


Oh Lisa, get the cookies! Such a look!

It’s a G-g-g-ghost!



Just too cute, Julie!