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Back to School!

Kinsey is all ready for her first day back to school!

backschoolSpectacular photo, Sheila!

No, I’m Not a Bearded Collie. Why Do You Ask?

beardMocha is such a good sport, Tara and Tarun!

Now Those Are Respectable Costumes

Brody, the Collie and Ariel, the Sheltie are dressed to the hilt! After each serving a busy year as a mascot at numerous events, promoting spay/neuter and adoption, they passed the torch the next mascot. 


All for a good cause right, Debbie! :)

Ay, Que Chulo!

My Sheltie’s name is actually Sheltie. When I got him 15 years ago, his original name was Sheltie-poo because they told me he was half Sheltie and half poodle. Over time, however, his personality was that of a Sheltie, so I dropped the poo part of his name.

I took this picture this past 5th of May during my celebration at home. He loves to sleep, but when he’s up, he loves to spend time with the family. During the party he came out and decided to fall asleep in the middle of the kitchen wearing his sombrero.


He is adorable and funny at the same time, Isela!

Remember when you asked “who would buy these things?”

Myla is ready to ride Space Mountain!


Who knew 2 sets of ears would be so cute, Nicole!