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Ay, Que Chulo!

My Sheltie’s name is actually Sheltie. When I got him 15 years ago, his original name was Sheltie-poo because they told me he was half Sheltie and half poodle. Over time, however, his personality was that of a Sheltie, so I dropped the poo part of his name.

I took this picture this past 5th of May during my celebration at home. He loves to sleep, but when he’s up, he loves to spend time with the family. During the party he came out and decided to fall asleep in the middle of the kitchen wearing his sombrero.


He is adorable and funny at the same time, Isela!

Remember when you asked “who would buy these things?”

Myla is ready to ride Space Mountain!


Who knew 2 sets of ears would be so cute, Nicole!

What does a Sheltie have to do to get a little haggis?

Well, it appears that Magnum has to dress as William Wallace in order to get some.


Now that is creative, Janea!  LOL

Happy St. Sheltie Day!

Time to eat green cookies!

stpatty On the couch: SuBear, Victoria, Winter & Iris

Below the couch: Tobie & Autumn

Thank you, Lisa!

Sheltie Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Rosie & Delilah say: “where’s the party?”

Shelties in sunglassesGood times, Mary Ann!