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Totally Unexpected

Smulan: “What? You’ve never seen a Sheltie and and a unicorn? Well now you have.” :P

Sheltie and stuffed unicorn

That is for sure unique, Marie!


Front-door Greeting

Nala Anne is ready to let you pass…as long as you have cookies.

Sheltie in lego door

Knock-knock, Ashley :)

Lookit! A Sheltie in a Little Hat!

I hope you’re happy now.

Sheltie wearing cap

Rex is adorable, Vicki!


Do Your Shelties Stack Up?

Farm Shelties do!

Shelties on hay bales

Fantastic shot of Zim, Fantastika and Akut, Hanna!

You Need More Sleep…

Meeko, your tongue is leaking. Go back to bed. :)

Sheltie with tongue out

So cute, Jackie!