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Hay is for…Shelties?

Check out this cool sculpture that was in the Killington HayFest!


This was located outside the Sherburne Memorial Library!

The Ultimate Sheltie Machine

Wallace and Mattie showing off there new kennel on wheels!

kennelwheelsToo cool, David!

When Yarn Isn’t Cat’s Best Friend

Chloe Jo the cat, and Stella the bi-black Sheltie (who was adopted from Central Sheltie Illinois Rescue) are BFFs.


Awe, Annie & Bill! ;)

Sharing is caring!

Echo and Libby say: “Wait a minute. This sofa isn’t big enough for BOTH of us!”

x2, Julie?

Glasses? What Glasses?

It’s always funny when Bentley makes a spectacle of himself.


I just couldn’t resist, Kristen!