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THE Most Dignified Sheltie Name Ever!

Baron von Onyx-Rothschild

Now that’s class!

Sheltie sitting regal

So handsome, Gloria…and what a name!

Congrats on the new addition!:)

Farm Girl

Farm life offers many photo opportunities for lovely Daisy.

Sheltie on hay bale

:) Donna

The Sweetest Ring Bearer

Benji brought the rings!

Sheltie at wedding

Congrats Niek!

Sheltie Recites Haiku

I lie, belly up
In the sun. I am happier
Than you will ever be.
Anonymous dog

Sheltie in grassStewart has a ruff life, Jenny! :)

Totally Unexpected

Smulan: “What? You’ve never seen a Sheltie and and a unicorn? Well now you have.” :P

Sheltie and stuffed unicorn

That is for sure unique, Marie!