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New Baby?

Lovable? Check
Squishy? Check
Cute? Check
Little? Check
In a Stroller? Check


Jasmine gets the royal treatment, Gloria! ;)

So here is the Sheltie scoop: Since little rescued Jasmine is getting older she can not walk as far as she used to. So, instead of carrying her once she gets too tired, we now pop her into the stroller! Took her out for a trial run yesterday and she was so trusting and allowed us to put her in without any fuss. We love her so much and want her to be with us. She knows it too!

And Then Along Comes Baby!

Grimlock says to Dash: “Wait, what? We won’t be the babies much longer?”


Congrats, Danielle and Alex!

Photo by Dani Leigh Photography.

Please, no beads.

Will says: “the scarf is plenty, thank you very much.”


Apparently Will loves to heard the traffic the parades create from behind his fence line during Mardi Gras.

Fun times, Cece!

I’ll cheer for whoever has cookies.

Poor Jeter. He lives near Boston with this unpopular name!


It doesn’t matter who wins right, David? Jeter always gets a cookie! :)

Oy, paws off the table!

Sue’s nose apparently got her into a predicament!


Must have been something yummy, Ginny!