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I WAS squinting because …

the sun was bright.

but now Remmi is squinting because he is annoyed. :))

Sheltie in safety glasses

Both Remmi and Lucy are rescues from NJ Sheltie Rescue.

Hugs for adopting Laura and Walt!

I Kissed a Sheltie…

and liked it!

Kissing Sheltie

What’s not to love about cute little Focus? ;)

Thanks to Alexander and Gloria!

This Post Is For The Birds!

Lilly: “But chasing squirrels makes me thirsty!”

Sheltie on bird bath

;) Wayne

The Fuzzy Doorman

I almost imagined Joey with a little uniform.

Sheltie at door

He looks like a teddy bear, 4thmedium!

Prim and Proper

Cameron has better posture than most people.

Sheltie in a bed

Shelties are elegant without even trying aren’t they, wck? :)