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Prim and Proper

Cameron has better posture than most people.

Sheltie in a bed

Shelties are elegant without even trying aren’t they, wck? :)


Every Girl Loves Her Shoes

Annie is a shoo-in of cuteness!

Sheltie in a box

Couldn’t resist the pun, Ken! :))

Finding the Perfect Box

It is more than a place of rest; it is a spiritual center tailored to each Sheltie’s unique karmic needs.

Sheltie in a box

Kira looks like she likes it, Liana!

Statuesque Beauty

Will the real Kipper please stand up?

Sheltie and Sheltie statue

Kipper was adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis in February 2011.

Such a sweetie, Rosanne!

I’m Just a Wee Lad from Bonnie Scotland

Nice tae meet ye!

Dinnae lit ma brill tartan ‘ere mak’ ye go swoonin’ aboot the hoose noo?

Sheltie with Scottish items

Liam is a son of Scotland for sure, Lisa!