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Sheltie Service Puppy in Training!

Gracie works with me in a CBE high school where she is part of mental programming for adolescents. She is a PADS

Canine Assisted Education (CAE) Dog in training. I’m so proud of this little girls and grateful for this opportunity.


Such a soft look on her face too, Tanya!

It’s Toe Bean Tuesday!

Pretty Boy has pretty toes!


Very sweet, April.

Indigo Incognito

Boomer says: “can you see me?”


With all that blue he blends right in, Dave! ;)

Knock, knock!

But do they really want in???


I’m with C.J. on this. I’m skeptical.

Thanks, Brigitte!

How to train your Sheltie

Buddy says: “Very Punny!”


:) Bonnie