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Can I Haz Wings?

Poor Stitch. Birdies so close, yet so far.

sheltie looking up

LOL, Cathy!

I don’t see it.

Kelly, why are you posting a photo of a stuffed bear on Sheltie Nation?

Oh wait, now I see Heidi.

Sheltie photobomb

LOL, Kathy!

They come with eavesdropping powers!

Little Jasmine (and her not-so-little ears) is a rescue from Michigan Sheltie Rescue.

Shelite prick ears

Very sweet, Gloria!

‘Scuse Me, Tryin’ To Beg Here…

We were at a hotel in Franklin, TN, and Tanner was patiently watching his Daddy, hoping for a bite of his waffle at breakfast.

Sheltie begging

Of course he got a taste right, Jim & Wanda?

Some wear their heart on their sleeve. Others…elsewhere.

Misti wears hers on her bum!

Heart on bum

Bryn and Misti are wondering where everybody went, Robin?