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Who’s Afraid of Wolverine?

Not Layla!

(Taken at the Walter Reed Pediatric Cancer Survivors Picnic.)


She knows who the good guys are, Chris! :)


Do You Like My New Welcome Mat?

Watch out, it might bark if you step on it;)


Sadie is lovely, Tom!

You Did NOT See Me Here!

Lacy Blue takes a rest from her usual farm chores – practicing being a princess among the lace and pillows.

She will get tired of it and head back on out to the barn soon!


A closet princess, Nadine. ;)

Begging in Any Era

We found some of the actors from the Naperville Settlement Civil War Days reenactment enjoying some non traditional civil war treats.

Of course Kyle had to put his best Sheltie begging face.


Just playing along, Maribel! :)

Gardener Wanna-be!

Denver watches me pull weeds and wants to help.

He sure hates the taste, but he still helps anyway.



It’s just so much harder without hands, Debbie!