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Who owns this green couch of Sheltie fabulousness?

Nemo and Tuxedo share their couch space with visitors Splenda and Chester.


I bet it was a fun visit Hayley, Margaret & Mimi!

Tribbles: fact or fiction?


Yep, one more ball of hair from Linus or Lulu and you will have third dog, Valerie!

This Is No Cone Of Shame

Don’t be fooled by Luca’s innocent expression.


Awe Alison, I bet all is forgiven when you look into those eyes! :))

What a Shame

Uh oh, naughty Bentley!


Just a little touch up paint, Kristen. ;)

We’re ringing in the new year…with thanks!

Daisy had to have emergency surgery 1 week ago to have very rapidly growing baseball sized cancerous tumor removed as well as a large fatty tumor. We are all very happy that she gets to spend Christmas at home. The Christmas tree wouldn’t have been as bright without her pretty face!!


I’m sorry this was late for Christmas Denise & Jenni, but I’m glad she is doing so well! :))