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Vintage Sheltie

Proof Shelties never go out of fashion.


We love Fiji, Ann!

Mower Power!

fijitractorFiji might prefer to chase a deer, Ann? ;)

Sheltie Nation Puzzle Edition

Bentley has a bad habit. He loves drywall.

It looks like he was playing solitary tic-tac-toe.

bentleygameIn another few minutes, he may have won!

bentleygame2Good thing he is cute, Kristen!

Shelties Never Beg

Butlers at your service: Cassie (tri), Dakota (sable) and May (merle).


Of course they never would do that, Seth! ;)

Can I Join You?

Buddy is at Honeymoon Island State Park’s dog beach, off the coast of Dunedin, Florida.

buddybench The bench is inscribed: WHERE DREAMS AND MEMORIES MEET

Lovely, Trevor!