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Uh, excuse us….you said something about a walk?

Willow, Timmy and Sunny all heard that!

Shelties in back of car

Such sweetness, Judy!

Mind If I Park my ‘Tocks Here for a Spell?

Caleb enjoys a day in the park.

Sheltie in the park

I bet everyone else enjoyed seeing him too, Margaret! :)

Walking in the Shadows

Caleb & Kobe don’t mind. It’s their human ;)

Shelties in human shadow

There may be treats involved too, Margaret? :))

Party Hats for Everyone!

Celebrating the “girls” 2nd birthday! Girls Lyla and Pippa, plus Victor, Stoli, Zeppelin, Stickeen (non Sheltie) and Zep’s brother, Seamus. 3 of the dogs live in Alaska (Pippa, Stickeen and Seamus) and the other 4 of mine in Wisconsin and we all got together for the birthday celebration in Michigan. It is awesome the friendships that can be made because of dogs!

Sheltie birthday party
Sounds like fun, Becky and Clare!


Maddy, Bailey and Abby anxiously await their treats.

Three Shelties begging
No way you can resist, Wayne!