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Uh, Could I Have My Pen Back?

You know Bentley, on second thought, you go ahead. Really, that’s fine.


So very cute, Kristen!

Rules Of Cuteness

Big ears? Check.

Sweet eyes? Check.

Head tilt? Tri-fecta!


Chippy is adorable, Wanda!

Finally, a Little Down Time

Stewie’s doing his watchdog thing in this photo.

It’s what he does when he’s not chasing squeaky toys, raging around the house doing “drive-bys” on his little brother, getting chased by his sister, “vacuuming” the kitchen floor or out for a walk with the pack. Tough life Stewart Brown.


Rough life indeed, Jenny! ;)

My eyebrows rule you.

Sheltie eyebrows are, pure and simple, instantly cute!


Thank you for sharing your super cute picture of Sheltie Angle Bonnie, Lisa.

Watching and Dreaming

Don’t worry Naiche and Naruto, Santa is coming!

Happy Holidays to you as well DK!