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Where are YOU going to sit?

Chair hogs: Wally, Luke, Sprite, Denver
Callie & Pepsi (the Un-Sheltie)


Oh my, Debbie! Amazing they all cooperated!

Decisions, Decisions

Jesse was given a choice between having a treat or playing with his teddy bear.

It took longer than you can imagine to decide.


I’m sure he ended up with both because he is so cute, right Brian? ;)

The Schnozzle

One of a Sheltie’s many fine features.


Fergus is adorable from every angle, Kerfuffle!

Uh, Could I Have My Pen Back?

You know Bentley, on second thought, you go ahead. Really, that’s fine.


So very cute, Kristen!

Rules Of Cuteness

Big ears? Check.

Sweet eyes? Check.

Head tilt? Tri-fecta!


Chippy is adorable, Wanda!