Halloween is over people!  No more Shelties in costume.

What?  Hey, what is this?

O.M.G.   …You have got to be kidding me… a Guinea Pig breed type called the “Sheltie”?
The Sheltie is a long-haired variety of guinea pig. In the early 1970’s the breed was developed by crossing Peruvians with Self (smooth) Blacks. In the US Shelties are known as ‘Silkies’.
153337173_ef9410b5eeGo figure!   Photo credit to Dutchsm


To build a sheltie you need…

  • LOTS of fur
  • a bark (preferably with an owner operated on/off switch)
  • one loving soul
  • one happily wagging tail
  • a cup of undying loyalty
  • one keen, intelligent mind
  • a spoonful of unwavering eagerness to please
  • optional: lots of ear glue
  • one QAX (quizzical attitude excellent)
  • an ‘innocent halo’ (for use when the Sheltie is doing something it shouldn’t and gets caught)
  • a sprinkling of a sense of humor
  • a pinch of excellent hearing
  • a pound of unbounding energy
  • one famous grin
  • a dose of the sillies
  • a coiled spring, preferably 4
  • one, long wet nose to nuzzle your face
  • 4 dancing feet
  • a dash of mischief
  • a dollop of twinkle in the eye
  • a drop of true forgiveness
  • one fuzzy belly button
  • keen eyesight: that allows Shelties to see small, furry, moving objects up to 1/4 mile away
  • and finally, a use for all the discarded parts – build a papillon!

Excerpts have been provided by Dogpatch