Celebrating the “girls” 2nd birthday! Girls Lyla and Pippa, plus Victor, Stoli, Zeppelin, Stickeen (non Sheltie) and Zep’s brother, Seamus. 3 of the dogs live in Alaska (Pippa, Stickeen and Seamus) and the other 4 of mine in Wisconsin and we all got together for the birthday celebration in Michigan. It is awesome the friendships that can be made because of dogs!

Sheltie birthday party
Sounds like fun, Becky and Clare!

Maddy, Bailey and Abby anxiously await their treats.

Three Shelties begging
No way you can resist, Wayne!

This is my sweet sheltie Champ! He was diagnosed with a nasal tumor and had radiation, he was doing really well and then unfortunately 6 months later had a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At this point we are keeping him comfortable, loving him, enjoying every moment and spoiling him while we can! He truly is a sweet dog and the 23rd was his 11 1/2 birthday so what better way to celebrate than with a yummy cake! Champ and his Sheltie siblings loved it!
Sheltie birthday cake

What a lovely boy, Rachel!


Rosco and Vixen is telling us it’s time for bed.

Shelties in a tent

No bears dare enter your campsite, Sandy! :)

In our wind tunnel we’re testing a new aerodynamic Shelties that can reach speeds of…

super-duper cute.

Sheltie in the wind

OK, really Zephyr is testing his aerodynamic lines in the New Mexico wind.

Handsome boy, Anja!