Rosco and Vixen is telling us it’s time for bed.

Shelties in a tent

No bears dare enter your campsite, Sandy! :)

In our wind tunnel we’re testing a new aerodynamic Shelties that can reach speeds of…

super-duper cute.

Sheltie in the wind

OK, really Zephyr is testing his aerodynamic lines in the New Mexico wind.

Handsome boy, Anja!


Apparently so. :)


Buddy Two Shoes taking a break hiking at Shamokin Springs at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia. Buddy is a rescue from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue thru Shetland Sheepdog Rescue of New Jersey.

Hugs to you for adopting, Joyce!

Henrik would like to congratulate his namesake – Henrik Stenson on his win at the Open Championship in Scotland this week.


Does this mean he gets an extra cookie, Jeff? :)