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Oh Hello!

Coincidence that Annie Laurie is in that exact spot at the exact time?

I think not.


They are shameless aren’t they, Chris? ;)

Down and Dirty!

5 hours today at the groomer getting Piper spiffed up: $40
5 minutes running in the rain and mud tonight: priceless


LOL, that’s the spirit, Debbie!

I’m keeping the bed warm for you!

(Yawn) Bugsy makes me want to take a nap.

bugsypillowLove those pillow cases too, Noella!

So what is this internet thing?

Breagha says: “Oh goodie, Sheltie Nation!”

Breaghapc;) JT & Amy

Backseat Barker!

Andie loves looking out the back window of the truck to make sure everyone is safe!


I dunno Kate, I might be distracted by the cutie at the light in front of me! ;)