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Sing Along With Solo!

And he puts his heart and soul into it.


Handsome AND lyrical, Sophie! ;)

Where are YOU going to sit?

Chair hogs: Wally, Luke, Sprite, Denver
Callie & Pepsi (the Un-Sheltie)


Oh my, Debbie! Amazing they all cooperated!

Decisions, Decisions

Jesse was given a choice between having a treat or playing with his teddy bear.

It took longer than you can imagine to decide.


I’m sure he ended up with both because he is so cute, right Brian? ;)

The Schnozzle

One of a Sheltie’s many fine features.


Fergus is adorable from every angle, Kerfuffle!

Uh, Could I Have My Pen Back?

You know Bentley, on second thought, you go ahead. Really, that’s fine.


So very cute, Kristen!