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There’s a cover charge at the door, and the password is…



Looks like Kellsey has it all under control, Randy!

Stylish Hats. For Stylish Shelties.

Its cold here in the states and Champ’s long ears need protection. :)


He is such a good sport, Rachel!

Modern Family – Sheltie Style!

5 generations of adorable Shelties!

Back row: Blaire, Maggie, Yankee

Front row: Faith, Myah


Thanks to Deb and L&M Shelties. :)

Sing Along With Solo!

And he puts his heart and soul into it.


Handsome AND lyrical, Sophie! ;)

Where are YOU going to sit?

Chair hogs: Wally, Luke, Sprite, Denver
Callie & Pepsi (the Un-Sheltie)


Oh my, Debbie! Amazing they all cooperated!