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Happy 15th Birthday, Brynie!


Such a dignified girl with her crossed paws, Robin! :)

Stewie’s New Bed!

Stewart is my senior boy at 12 years old. This year for his birthday he got a new bed.

I think he likes it.


We think he likes it too, Jenny! :)

Getting a Leg Up on the Campaign Trail

Since their mom works on political campaigns, Bill and Linda have to hit the campaign trail too.

Recently, they were “Pups for Price!”


A shoe in for sure with those two on the job, Emma!

Now for Some Advice from Dr. Sheltie

Dr. Jax says: “Yea, don’t do that again, Mom.”

(Nurse Shelby looks on to be sure all is good.)


Owie, Jules!

The Cutest Bathroom Butler!

This public Bathroom has the cutest staff! :)


Bravo is such a patient cutie, Courtney!