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A Toy’s Eye View

Last thing they see is Connor’s chinny chin chin!

Sheltie from below

They are cute from any angle, Jackie! ;)



And Now, some Dashing Individuals

Kobe and Caleb are looking good!

Groomed Shelties

They are always so cute, Margaret. :)

Always Watching You!

You will never be alone with Annabel and Maddie!

Shelties staringHugs for adopting, Kimberly!

Uh, excuse us….you said something about a walk?

Willow, Timmy and Sunny all heard that!

Shelties in back of car

Such sweetness, Judy!

Mind If I Park my ‘Tocks Here for a Spell?

Caleb enjoys a day in the park.

Sheltie in the park

I bet everyone else enjoyed seeing him too, Margaret! :)