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New Year, New You

New year, healthy Bentley!

Sheltie with chobani

Don’t we all have the best intentions in January, Kristen! :)

Inspecting the Insufficient Treats

Katie thinks they are VERY insufficient.

Sheltie with nose in treat bagThat nose does come in handy, Cathy!


The first puppy cup from Starbucks!

Sheltie having Starbucks

Trying to name this little girl, names so far Coco, Mocha, Tigger or Nala. (Suggestions welcomed!)

Thanks to Dolly! :)


Rudy: kronche!Sheltie eating treat

:) Marla

Breakfast in Bed?

But of course.

When you wake up, breakfast is ready!


Buttercup is adorable, Dolly!