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Bitsy’s Buffet

Bitsy Boodle decided to help herself while her parents were out!

Sheltie getting into food bag

Oooh such a naughty dog, Chris! Good thing Shelties are so cute.  :)

Today’s Silly Question


Ollie certainly will work for food.

Sheltie catching treat

Daisy is far too dignified right, Donna? :)

Good to the last drop!

Benji wont waste a bit!

Sheltie licking cup

How nice of you to share, Niek. ;)

New Year, New You

New year, healthy Bentley!

Sheltie with chobani

Don’t we all have the best intentions in January, Kristen! :)

Inspecting the Insufficient Treats

Katie thinks they are VERY insufficient.

Sheltie with nose in treat bagThat nose does come in handy, Cathy!