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Mom, I Love My New Chew Toy!

Maggie, you are a lucky girl!


A warm welcome to Maggie and her mom, Sune who are from South Africa!

Thatsa Alotta Pupperoni Pizza

Shelby says: “make mine pepperoni too!”


Yummy, Teri!

Sheltie Photobomb!

My hubby was taking a photo of our baby eating his first veggie (sweet potato) and had caught Indie in the background looking so pitiful!

Sharing is caring… I’m sure he’s thinking.


Always in the right place at the right time to get noticed, Gail! ;)

Can I have a Puppy Meal?

Trixie says: “and super size the fries please.”

mcdonaldFor here or to go, Shirlee? ;)

With a great bone, comes great responsibility.

Cooper says: “Yeah, I got this.”


Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Denise? ;)