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Everybody loves a Blizzard!

On the ride home from a camping trip in the mountains we stopped at the Dairy Queen in Montrose, CO for a Blizzard.  Shadow got to lick the empty cup (no chocolate).
He observed that the new “mini” size fits his muzzle perfectly — no need to secure it with paws — it stays put tightly enough that you can work your tongue all around and thoroughly clean it without it slipping off! He thought other Shelties would want to know about this.
The only negative is the smear of ice cream on the snout. But Mom got that with a wet paper towel.

Fun, fun, Lum!

Nom nom nom

Truffle says: “this is bliss”

Keepin’ those teephies clean, right Helen? :)

Hey CJ, look over there!

Edan (left) tries to distract CJ (right) so he can steal her special birthday treat?

Awe,  Sheri!

Sheltie Corn dog!

Shelby was treated to a friend’s left overs.  Yum!You are right Julia, by the look of her,  she thoroughly enjoyed it! :))

Yes I feed my dog every day. Why do you ask?

I notice the other day that Autumn was only 1/2 way down the stairs.  She wasn’t moving, she didn’t come when I called her and I thought maybe she forgotten how to use the stairs.  I went down the stairs and saw why she was frozen on the steps…
There was a piece of cereal I must have dropped sitting just out of her reach and she was mentally willing it to come to her.  Notice the drip of drool on the tip of her nose.

ROFL Lisa!