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Yes, I think it’s finally over, Bryn.


Awe she is so sweet, Robin!

Give her some cookies from all of us!

Happy Easter to Sheltie Nation!

easter-sheltie-spartaSparta and I would like to wish you and the rest of the nation a very happy Easter!
We are so thankful to be a part of the community and for all the people who have been so kind to us.
Best wishes,
Sparta & Nina

And to you as well, Nina!

If The Easter Bunny Is MIA Tomorrow…

Teddy is all prepared for the job!


What a good sport, Julie!

It’s Right Behind Me…Isn’t It?

It is Cheyenne’s first Easter.

Can you tell?

easter-shelties-look(Dakota has obviously been through this rodeo before.)
ROFL, Marla! Such a look!

And Now, an Old Joke


Ha, ha, Julie!

Sasha looks so cute in her hat!