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While we all wait for Santa…

the humans break out the festive accessories!

Sheltie on Christmas

Wally is just precious, Deb!

It’s A Christmas Thing

At first Dallas was hesitant of me putting the wreath around his head, but once I showed him a treat, he had no reservations at all!

Sheltie wearing wreath

Such a good boy and a lovely photo, Dave!

Oh, Deer

Sheltie in reindeer antlers

Dusty looks adorable, Jim!


Bring on the Christmas Cookies!

Denver, Sprite, Callie
Wally & Pepsi

Shelties posing for holiday photo

OMG Debbie…their expressions are priceless!

Feeling Festive!

Daisy is all decked out with the seasons best accessories!

Sheltie with Christmas decorations

Such a pretty girl, Donna!