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It’s Right Behind Me…Isn’t It?

It is Cheyenne’s first Easter.

Can you tell?

easter-shelties-look(Dakota has obviously been through this rodeo before.)
ROFL, Marla! Such a look!

And Now, an Old Joke


Ha, ha, Julie!

Sasha looks so cute in her hat!

Sheltie loves you this much!

Romeo says: “Be Mine!”


The perfect name for the perfect valentine, Dayna!

Guess what holiday is tomorrow?

Teddy is ready for some smooches from his sweetheart!


So handsome, Julie!

Salvation Army Needs You!

If every kettle had a cute Sheltie like Griffin, I think donations would be WAY up!


See? More donations! :)sheltie-griffin-donate-2

So nice of you both to volunteer during the holidays, B0b!