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A Skeptical Holiday

Christmas 2015 is the year that Toby (politely) refused to wear the Santa hat for photos.
This year Toby was all about, “Show me the cookie!”


Smart boy, Sharon. Bring on the cookies! :)

Christmas Guard

Simba is waiting patiently for Santa to make his appearance.


Merry Christmas, Priya!

Spreading some Christmas Cheer!


Misti Blue (4yrs) and Brynie (14 yrs) are ready for Santa.

Happy Holidays to you as well, Robin!

Who Is That Handsome Holiday Angel?

If you look in the center of the pillow it looks just like Jack.


Happy Holidays, Rachel!

Santa’s Little Hellion?

Tess’s first visit to see the jolly fat man. What did she ask for? Treats, of course!


She is so cute, Ken!