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More Holiday Fun

Top to bottom in age: Pixie and Barkley, Checkers, Lacey, Ruffles and Sprite.


The perfect Christmas card photo, Ann!

Riley is wondering if Santa left anymore treats?


Happy Holidays, Anna!

Taffy is staying warm by the fire this year.


A little cutie pie, Lisa!

Wylie is wishing he had Taffy’s warm fireplace?


Still looks pretty Charlene! ;)

Forrest was such a good sport posing with Santa!


What a good boy, Bill and Natasha!

Yummy! Leftovers!

This Santa Claus from Norway, wish Shelties around the world, Merry Christmas!
Chip has been very kind this year, and wants most of all… lots of turkey from Santa.

Happy Holidays, Birgitte!

Simba is wondering if these are all for him? ;)

simba-sheltie-presentsPrecious, Connie!

Merlin is so happy with his toy!


LOVE this photo, Mark!

Poor little Jazper…


and same for sister Gina!

Lots of cookies right, Pam and Brian? :)

We are enjoying our first Christmas with Wally in the family. Wally is a 13 year old Sheltie whose owner passed away this summer. Scatter Creek Animal Clinic in Rochester Washington generously took him in, tuned up his health and offered him up for adoption. We were lucky enough to be the chosen home for this little eleven pound charmer.


and the gang…

Happy holidays to the whole crew, Debbie!

Hugs for adopting that cutie!

This may be too late, but I thought I’d send it just the same. Too cute not to share with Sheltie Nation.

Jenny, Simon, Tru, Jake, Sage, Blaze & Ellie.


Never too late Holly! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Never Looked So Sheltie!

Elliot and Lucy are looking festive.


A perfect holiday photo, Donna and Brent!

Photo by Ashley McGinnis.

Who needs presents under the tree when we have Bentley?


Good point, Kristen. Every tree should have a Bentley. ;)

Shea has been very patiently waiting for Santa.

shea-sheltie-xmasHappy Holidays, Jenni!

Noah will play backup if Santa is late!

noah-santa-hatHappy Holidays Ellen!

Nathan get’s his first sleigh ride.

shelties-christmas-sleighYet more Christmas cheer, Janea! Too cute!

Maybe next year Santa will ask Lola to guide his sleigh?


Thank you Lisa!

Misti says: “I tried to be nice Santa … please bring me cookies?”


I bet she was very good this year, Robin!

Naughty or Nice?

Of COURSE every Sheltie is on Santa’s NICE list! :))

Teddy hears a Christmas classic.


Such a perfect picture, Julie!

Kobe & Chester were visiting Santa to give their requests.


Cute little helpers, Margaret!

Cheyenne was super good.

cheyenne-santa-sheltieMerry Christmas, Marla!

Dakota was good as well!
dakota-santa-sheltieAnd happy holidays to you too, Lia!
With a name like Sugar, of COURSE she has been nice! :)
Photo from KC Sheltie Rescue & John

KoKo whispers to Santa that she wants a treat and a toy. ;)


Hugs for adopting such a cutie, Turita!

Happy Holidays all the Sheltie Nation!

Dear Santa Paws…

Please bring us homemade treats, tiny tennis balls and furry squeaker toys.

We request no clothes or toenail trimmers.

Love Echo and Libby


Too cute, Julie and Scott!