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It’s Hard To Be A Sheltie At Christmas

Sweet dreams, Sadie.


The perfect holiday photo, Karol!

Pleeease May I Open One Gift Before Christmas?

Oh, I picked the right one!


Tracy, what a perfect photo of Tyler!

Happy holidays everyone!

Santa’s Gonna Be Here Soon!

Maggie, you would be the best present!


Pretty girl, Samantha!

Logan says: “Why am I posing next to the small tree?”


;) Mike

Missy says: “Santa, I want some yummy treats and a box of toys!”


Merry Christmas, Jessica!

Stuff on my Sheltie: Holiday Edition

Toby rocks the hat AND head tilt!


Extra cookies for such cooperation, Sharon!


I can almost hear Smokie say:



LOL, Julie!

A Sheltie Under Every Tree!

Beautiful Merle is ready for the holidays.


Thanks to Mary!


Byrn is also ready for Christmas.byrnxmas

Happy holidays, Gail!


This is Sergeant. We love the Christmas photos where he looks like he’s been such good boy and not on the naughty list!sargentxmas

Oh Sarah, they are NEVER naughty. LOL!


Layla spreads holiday cheer at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.laylaxmas

Happy girl, Chris!


Misty & Byrn are waiting for Santa!omahaxmas

Sweet, Robin!


Duncan is waiting for Santa too!


Happy holidays, Jenn!