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There better be a good reason for this.

The tree is in Buddy’s normal sleep spot, so he is hoping things change real soon.

Sheltie Christmas tree

Awe Paige, tell him Santa is coming with lots of treats soon!

“Dear Santa: bring me a cute Sheltie, please!”

Sheltie in santa's bag

Fantastic holiday photo of Helix, Ida!


No, I Am NOT Feeling Like A “Jolly Old Elf”

Lucy and Elliot helping to decorate…sort of. :/


LOL, Donna!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Grace:  “All these pretty new decorations mean only one thing.”

“Santa is coming!”

Sheltie with Christmas decorations

A cutie for sure, Gram!

Paws and Reflect

Fergus thought this was a dumb idea, as you can see by his face and smeared back ears. I told him there would be cookies in it for him, though, which cheered him up immensely!

Sheltie reflection in ornament

Cookies always save the day, Kerfuffle!