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Why We <3 Christmas!

Shelties are sooooo festive!

Sheltie Christmas

Sprite is just precious, Ann!


Oh No-Noel!

Happy isn’t…well, happy about this.

Sheltie with santa hat

ROFL, Susan. But we are!

Cookies will certainly help with that stink-eye.




‘Tis The Season…For Close Inspection

Miss Miah approves. All the lights are working!

Sheltie and christmas lights

Jim you help a little too, right? ;)


All Pretty for Santa

Sadie and Whisper had their photo taken at the Sheltie Rescue of Georgia annual picnic. A fun day and great charity!

Shelties on Christmas

A great cause, Margarette!


There better be a good reason for this.

The tree is in Buddy’s normal sleep spot, so he is hoping things change real soon.

Sheltie Christmas tree

Awe Paige, tell him Santa is coming with lots of treats soon!