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Santa Stink Eye!

Annie says: “what do you mean naughty Shelties don’t get presents?”


LOL, Chris!

Official Christmas Present Guardian

Mariah takes her job seriously.


Thanks to Lorie and Earl!

Tree Lights On The Fritz?

Don’t worry! Sheltie Nation can send one of our trained techs to your house and troubleshoot your tree lighting problems instantly.

cocoaxmasWe adopted Cocoa when she was 10 from New England Sheltie Rescue in Conn. She was a very sweet girl and just wanted to be wherever we were (and the action was). She passed away last year and this is her last Christmas picture. Adopting an older dog was a joy.

Hugs to you for giving her a loving home, Donna.

You can work around me, right?

Brynie says: “Sure you can decorate if you want to, but don’t mind me!”

When you make it to almost 14 years young, I guess you can lay anywhere you want, anytime you want!


You betcha, Robin!

Have You Carved Your Punkin Yet?

Frankie has his all done.


:) Hillary