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The Kissing Bandit!

Here is a photo of one of my Shelties, Jake, photo bombing and stealing a Halloween kiss from my little grandson. I was lucky to catch the moment. Jake absolutely loves the twins, Paul and Vivien! The feeling is mutual.

Sheltie kissing kids in costumes

Absolutely precious, Connie!

The Call of Duty

Toby watches over his precious cargo – twins Aiden and Connor.

Sheltie guarding twins in stroller
You have your hands full, Sharon!

Wanna Share?

Declan talking to his favorite niece, Ana.

He’s crazy about her. :)


We can see why, WCK. Adorable!!!

A great time was had by all!

Attached is a photo from our sweet Sheltie’s 6th birthday party.

Scout is with his three of his favorite human’s, Carter, Kamryn, and Robin.


Grandma’s have the best jobs, Sandra! :)

Baby Sitting is Serious Business

Toby loves keeping his eye on six month old twins, Aiden and Connor.


He will really have his paws full once they start walking, Sharon!