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No, This is Not a Scene From Iron Man

Nine year old sweet Sadie and her three year old brother, Iron Man…relaxing.


The look on her face is too funny, Nancy!

Let’s Just Paws For A Moment

and enjoy this picture of Smokie and her little human.


So sweet, Julie!

Someone get her a napkin.

Never mind.

Declan’s got this. ;)


Shelties are so helpful right, WCK?

Pucker Up, Puppeh!

Caught Delaney and Zulu smoochin’ in the back-yard.

She was terrified of dogs, but Zulu won her over, and now they are the best of friends.


So sweet, Mary!

The Daily Laughs

Georgie and Naomi enjoy morning cartoons together. :)


They are both just so cute, Margaret!