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Have you kissed your human today?

16 year old Rigby finds 4 year old Ben incredibly cute!

Awesome photo, Sheila!

A Little To The Right, Please

I looked out the window and saw my youngest grandaughter brushing Will. This has never happened; her wanting to do it, or him letting her. They looked so happy together, that I had to snap this. (That coat of his can use all the brushing it can get!)
Shelties never stop surprising us, Constance!

Naps are always better with friends!

I bet Ranger and Ayden are best buds, Larry!

Awwwe, her first puppy!

Do you remember your first puppy?

Thanks to Akushapeshifter

Kids Love Shelties!

And Shelties love kids!

Look see, Chance made a new friend!

So precious, Gloria!