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Winter is Coming

Hugo and Helix say: “Bring it on!”

shelties in snow

Such a stunning photo, Ida!


Artistic Sheltie

Connor: “See, I can be sophisticated!”

black and white sheltie photo

Great job, Jackie!

If Shelties Came In A Variety Pack, They Would Look Something Like …

Bleu, Beau, Jaina and Tabitha.

Shelties in multiple colors

A lovely bunch, George!

The Colliewobbles!

I thought you might like this photo I took of some Shelties that are part of our walking group in Melbourne Australia. The group called The Colliewobbles is a group like minded dog lovers who own Collies, Shelties or both and we meet up for a leash free walk. This photo was taken on a recent trip to Warburton along the Yarra River.

Australian Shelties

Wish we could come visit, Gary.

What a lovely photo!


Hold That Pose

We’ve had terrible weather in the Houston, Texas area lately and Deacon took advantage of the few minutes of sunshine we had yesterday.


He looks majestic, Jim!