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Hold That Pose

We’ve had terrible weather in the Houston, Texas area lately and Deacon took advantage of the few minutes of sunshine we had yesterday.


He looks majestic, Jim!

This Grass Is Making Me Dramatic

I had the extreme pleasure of fostering Paladin for SCSR St. Louis. I love this image of him ‘hiding’ in the safety of my lily gardens. Paladin is now living the life of LUXURY in Georgia. He was a charmer and quite the character!

sheltie-in-grassHugs to you for fostering such a lovely dog, Christine!

Show Stealer!

Gorgeous pink blooms that scream for attention?

Oh please. Neelix is the headline act.


Such a handsome fellow, Rob!

I Believe I Can Fly

I believe Akela can too!


Amazing image, Daphne!


The IT Sheltie’s Guide to Looking Fabulous

Chico certainly has her paw on the pulse of the the fashion world.


She is so dramatic, Pauline.