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Everyone Likes Butterflies!

And Butterflies like Dutchess. :)

Did you know? Learn About Butterflies Day is celebrated on March 14th of each year!


Such a lovely photo, Diane! <3

The Best Man

 I had to include my #1 man, Conan, in my wedding.

(Now, I guess he’s technically #2?)

Congrats to you both, Lauren & Mark!

Photographer: Ashley Lester

Fabulous Eyelashes!

Leeloo looked up, batted those long lashes, and said, “Sweetie, I’ll take those cookies now.”


I would like to order several sets of those amazing eyelashes, Lee!

He’s Missing The Little Button Tag On The Ear

Otherwise I would swear Brodie has to be a Steiff!


Wonderful photo, Nola!

Welcome To Our Igloo

Come on in, we have lots of biscuits and squeaky toys to share.


Shelby and Gunner are so sweet, Deborah!