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He’s Very Regal

Look at that bearing.

His name is Keegan, but maybe it should be Duke?


Royal photo, Sue! :)

What’s Prettier Than a Tulip?

Oh yes, a Sheltie in a sea of them!


Kybeau is just…wow, Cees!

At Your Service!

Max was supervising as I watered our vegetable garden.

He’s a great helper.


What an adorable fellow, Melanie & Richard!

And This Is My “Dog of Destiny” Pose

Sitting confidently, gazing pensively at the horizon.

Now there’s a Sheltie who must be looking at a cookie. :)


Valentino is such a handsome fellow, Heather!

The S.N. Guide to Sheltie Photography

  1. Start with freshly groomed Shelties.
  2. Make sure it’s a sunny day.
  3. Add a pretty background.
  4. COOKIES!!!!


Tony & Lila Lou look lovely, Paula!