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The IT Sheltie’s Guide to Looking Fabulous

Chico certainly has her paw on the pulse of the the fashion world.


She is so dramatic, Pauline.

He’s Very Regal

Look at that bearing.

His name is Keegan, but maybe it should be Duke?


Royal photo, Sue! :)

What’s Prettier Than a Tulip?

Oh yes, a Sheltie in a sea of them!


Kybeau is just…wow, Cees!

At Your Service!

Max was supervising as I watered our vegetable garden.

He’s a great helper.


What an adorable fellow, Melanie & Richard!

And This Is My “Dog of Destiny” Pose

Sitting confidently, gazing pensively at the horizon.

Now there’s a Sheltie who must be looking at a cookie. :)


Valentino is such a handsome fellow, Heather!