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The Best Man

 I had to include my #1 man, Conan, in my wedding.

(Now, I guess he’s technically #2?)

Congrats to you both, Lauren & Mark!

Photographer: Ashley Lester

Fabulous Eyelashes!

Leeloo looked up, batted those long lashes, and said, “Sweetie, I’ll take those cookies now.”


I would like to order several sets of those amazing eyelashes, Lee!

He’s Missing The Little Button Tag On The Ear

Otherwise I would swear Brodie has to be a Steiff!


Wonderful photo, Nola!

Welcome To Our Igloo

Come on in, we have lots of biscuits and squeaky toys to share.


Shelby and Gunner are so sweet, Deborah!

New from the Sheltie Portrait Studio

Patrick, you are so very handsome!


Lovely photo, Ron!