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And This Is My “Dog of Destiny” Pose

Sitting confidently, gazing pensively at the horizon.

Now there’s a Sheltie who must be looking at a cookie. :)


Valentino is such a handsome fellow, Heather!

The S.N. Guide to Sheltie Photography

  1. Start with freshly groomed Shelties.
  2. Make sure it’s a sunny day.
  3. Add a pretty background.
  4. COOKIES!!!!


Tony & Lila Lou look lovely, Paula!

Precious Jewel

With a name like this, she ABSOLUTELY qualifies as a precious gem.

Meet Opal!


Wow! Just stunning, Sylvie!


What Do You Mean, I’m Fuzzy?


Charlie is such a cutie, Bob!

Bow Ties Make You Look Smart!

But Cody is already smart, so now he is now just more handsome!


So dapper, Jodi!