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What Do You Mean, I’m Fuzzy?


Charlie is such a cutie, Bob!

Bow Ties Make You Look Smart!

But Cody is already smart, so now he is now just more handsome!


So dapper, Jodi!

This Little Light of Mine

Who says Shelties don’t glow?

Bioluminescence tells me so. :)


Such a lovely image of Bella, Karen!

Wow-worthy Portraiture

I worked at a pet store at the weekend and took some photos of a really nice Sheltie called Santtu.

He were a pleasure to work with.


Thanks for submitting, Craig!

Time To Hit The Hay

Remember that old expression? Does anyone say that anymore?

I have no idea why it popped into my head just now.


Peggy is a cutie, Sylvie!