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Ornaments with love: tomorrow is the order deadline!

If you haven’t ordered already,  this is a reminder that tomorrow is the cutoff to order a rescue ornament for arrival in time for the holidays.

We normally don’t peddle much merchandise here on Sheltie Nation, but in this case I’d like to ask you to consider purchasing one or two!  (They are quite beautiful and  I personally have the Sardonyx for my tree in honor of my heart dog Trevor.)

If you are giving it as a gift, it comes in a lovely pouch & gift boxed; all ready for wrapping!

Incolay has been generously donating their time & artistic skill to this project.  100% of the profits directly benefit Shelties currently in need.

To order your “Sheltie Angel” ornament, click here.  If you already have one please leave you comments & let others know how much you love yours!

Give a Sheltie gift that gives back!

Grouplogosm It is that time of year again!  As we hurry preparing for the upcoming holidays, lets not forget the Shelties that need our help.

“Sheltie Angel” is a collectible Christmas Ornament, designed exclusively for The American Shetland Sheepdog Association and it’s endorsed Rescue Groups.

The ornament is available in 6 colors, all of which are handcrafted in the USA by the artisans at Incolay.

The ornaments sell for $24.95 each, with 100% of profits directly benefiting Shelties currently in need. It is a great way to give back to the breed that gives us all so much joy!

To order your “Sheltie Angel” ornament, click here.

Be sure to place your order no later than December 10th to insure delivery by Christmas!


Additional information about Incolay:

Incolay is a handcrafted product that is made right here in the USA. It is not mass produced by machinery in China.

All products are made by hand, from beginning to end by skilled artisans. This means that the Incolay 2-part stone formula is mixed by hand, poured by hand, de-molded by hand, finished by hand and antiqued by hand.

There is a lot of time and work that goes into each product, which accounts for the cost and collectibility factor.

To learn more, here are a few pictures from some of the artisians at the Incolay factory.

Looking for something different? Try

Shelties are smart and it can be a challenge to keep them entertained.  As a result, I’m always on the lookout for fun & unusual products for my little Sheltie geniuses.  ;)

Designer Doggy is a trendy new webstore that focuses on designer dog beds, carriers and clothes. They carry products by some of the major pet designers like Oscar Newman, Cece Kent & Foufou Dog.  But I’ve found the real hidden treasure for Sheltie lovers is in the toy section!

Designer Doggy has great selection of 10 different puzzle toys as well as some super fun plush toys! How can you not love the “I-Bone“, “Hard-Bark guitar” or the “Chewy Vuitton” squeaky toy?

Although, if you really want to challenge & stimulate your Sheltie, (short of getting a herd of Sheep) try a puzzle toy!  Shelties love to show off their skills and intelligence – they are good problem solvers, so working together on a puzzle toy is an additional fun way for you to interact with your pup.

These type of toys require the dog to push, shove, roll and bat the toy around to get the toy to drop or dispense the treats.  (The toys are not designed to be chewed on, although some are resistent to being chewed on.)  A Shelite that is heavily mouth oriented may not enjoy this kind, but other dogs can go crazy for them. Watch your Shelite at play. If they tend to use their paws to hold, stop, catch or bat a toy then it will likely enjoy a puzzle toy.  Designer Doggy sells several different degree of difficulty puzzles so it is easy to find one right for your Sheltie.

(These Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toy Puzzles were also winners of the 2008 Top Ten Dog Products of the Year.)

Tempting enough for you to try?  Well, Designer Doggy also offers a very competitive $5.00 flat rate shipping on all orders, but if you order $150.00 or more, shipping is free!  So if you are looking for something different, check out Designer Doggy!

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Win a book! Kid Canine-Superhero!

SuperheroSuperheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they even look like small, fluffy dogs!

Author P.T. Custard was inspired to write Kid Canine-Superhero! after watching her Sheltie, Dill, playing in the yard while she mowed the lawn.  He methodically moved all his toys out of the way of the mower as though saving them from certain doom.  His look of utter satisfaction for a job well done led the author to imagine Dill fancied himself a superhero.

Written to entertain and inspire the young, old, and everyone in between, Kid Canine-Superhero!is illustrated in the style of a comic book.  The bold, colorful drawings bring the reader into Dill’s imaginary superhero world!

The author has graciously donated 2 books for raffle here at Sheltie Nation, so enter today!

About the author and illustrator:  P.T. Custard is the author of award
winning educational children’s books used in classrooms throughout the
U.S.  Her other other books include Jules the Lighthouse Dog, also available from Black Plume Books

To enter to win: Send an email to: and put “superhero” as the topic & your mailing address in the body. (Contest ends Monday, November 30th, 2009 at noon EST.)

Congrats to winners Holly in Portland, ME and Sue in Troy, NY!

Trick or Treat! Join the Sheltie Forums for a chance to win a great book!

DogtownWhat, you are not yet a member of the Sheltie Forums?  What are you waiting for?  A friendly atmosphere of knowledgeable Sheltie owners, breeders & experienced show people are await you!  Now is the best time to join the fun… and it is free!

Sign up to become a member of theSheltie Forums & enter to win a chance for a copy of this beautiful and heartwarming new book!

DOGTOWN: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption.  The book follows the stories of desperate dogs and their dedicated caretakers at Dogtown, the Best Friends Animal Society shelter in Utah that believes in second chances, and portrays the powerful bond between the animals and the people who help them (it is also the first companion book to the National Geographic Channel’s hit show “DogTown”).  The book is a compelling testament to the fact that through love and devotion, dogs can be given a second chance at life. 

Misfit and traumatized dogs, puppies rescued from puppy mills and war-zone trauma cases, the books tells the stories of 15 of the most memorable and touching cases, including Georgia, a pit bull rescued from Michael Vick’s illegal dog-fighting operation, and Tuffy, whose spirit never flagged after being rescued from a hoarder.  The compelling tales draw on the experiences of veterinarians, trainers and volunteers and in the end, we come to see that there are no “bad dogs” and that with patience and compassion, people can help dogs heal.  

The book will appeal to animal and dog lovers alike and anyone interested in inspirational stories of perseverance and hope.  (It would also make for a wonderful gift this upcoming holiday season!)

The book is also available from the National Geographic website,, and wherever books are sold.

Are you already a member of the Sheltie Forums?  You can still enter! Just log into the site & look for the announcement at the top of the site under “Events”  All you have to do to enter is post a response.  Hurry, contest ends November 7th!

The link to the forum thread is here.