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Q: How Do Sheltie Puppies Sleep?

Awe, they sleep as cute as they want!

Sheltie puppy sleeping

Sadie is adorable, Jack!

Sheltie Chatterbug

Barkley loves to tell his mom about his adventures at big boy daycare – he’s quite the chatterbox.

Sheltie puppy talking

They always have something to say, Tracey. :))

BFFs Come In All Shapes-N-Sizes

Snorgling at its very best. :)

Sheltie puppy sleeping

Bailey was an adorable puppy, Robert!

Fun in Finland

Gabriella is begging for more snow. ;)

Sheltie puppy sitting up in snow

She is so lovely, Liivia!


Someone’s Feeling Tie-Tie

This is my sleepy place.

Sheltie puppy sleeping on toy

Jordie is such a cutie, Ambo!