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Too regal for his own good.

Niyolo Nodeen Nahele at 4 months old.

Sheltie puppy

Growing into those legs and ears, DK! :)

Clever Girl

Angel is doing her best to butter up Santa.

Sheltie puppy holding bell

A most appropriate name, Steve! She is lovely!

You Weren’t Trying to Sleep, Were You?

Because I need attention, now!

Sheltie eyes closeup

Of course Rocket needs undivided attention all the time, Marti!

Puppy Pose

Molly says: “hello world!”

Sheltie puppy

Congrats, Jamie! Love that face!

Is this MINE?

A new toy or bone = fastest way to a puppy’s heart.

Sheltie puppy with bone

Billy is a happy man, Marti!