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Happy Mother’s Day!

 Nyame, Chandra, Selene and mother Voske – 15 days old!

Sheltie mom and puppies

Awe, so sweet K9wolfje!


When U Turn Your Frown Upside Down…

you get this little guy, Bash!

Sheltie upside down

Love those teephies, Dominique! :))

Havin’ A Ball!

Sheltie puppy with ball

Sadie is adorable, Jack!

Q: How Do Sheltie Puppies Sleep?

Awe, they sleep as cute as they want!

Sheltie puppy sleeping

Sadie is adorable, Jack!

Sheltie Chatterbug

Barkley loves to tell his mom about his adventures at big boy daycare – he’s quite the chatterbox.

Sheltie puppy talking

They always have something to say, Tracey. :))