Have an puppy oozing with cuteness?

No worries.

A handy boot tray works wonders in keeping the cute neatly in one place.

Sheltie in boot tray

They do grow up so fast, BB! Johnnie is precious!


I’m, …well, would you mind very much if I don’t run off to slay dragons today?

I’ll just stay here behind my knightly master.

puppy hiding

Smulan was a smart puppy, Marie!

Hello, my name is Blue! What? You already figured that out?

I just have that kind of face, I guess

Sheltie puppy with blue eyes

Such amazing eyes, Pedro!


This is “Sam” meeting us at the airport today for the first time.

We love him so much, and I think he likes us a little bit too!

Sheltie puppy kisses

Congrats, Misty! He is super cute!