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PUPPY New Year 2017

We resolve to bring you more cute Sheltie puppies!

Sheltie puppy

Abby is a cutie, Terry!


Santa’s Little Elf!

Vixen is helping Santa spread holiday cheer!

Sheltie puppy in holiday hat

A perfect, festive holiday name too, Sandy! :)

It’s A Holiday Shoe-In!

Barkley – the best Christmas gift!

Hopefully this pic will help my office win the Christmas spirit competition!

Sheltie puppy with christmas present

For SURE, Tracey!

Too regal for his own good.

Niyolo Nodeen Nahele at 4 months old.

Sheltie puppy

Growing into those legs and ears, DK! :)

Clever Girl

Angel is doing her best to butter up Santa.

Sheltie puppy holding bell

A most appropriate name, Steve! She is lovely!