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Puppy Pose

Molly says: “hello world!”

Sheltie puppy

Congrats, Jamie! Love that face!

Is this MINE?

A new toy or bone = fastest way to a puppy’s heart.

Sheltie puppy with bone

Billy is a happy man, Marti!


Check out how big the blades of grass are…

In comparison to this adorable 5-week old Sheltie pup, Isla!

Can you say Holy Cute? Yes. Yes you can.

Cute Sheltie puppy in grass

You are so lucky, Lisa!

Photo credit: Jeremy Elleman Photographer

The Girls Will Love Me!

Niyolo is perfuming himself for the ladies. :)

Sheltie puppy in flowers

What a cutie pie, DK!

Let’s Go Shopping!

Bailey is ready to be your personal shopper.

Sheltie puppy carrying purse

Robert, he is ADORABLE!