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Is this MINE?

A new toy or bone = fastest way to a puppy’s heart.

Sheltie puppy with bone

Billy is a happy man, Marti!


Check out how big the blades of grass are…

In comparison to this adorable 5-week old Sheltie pup, Isla!

Can you say Holy Cute? Yes. Yes you can.

Cute Sheltie puppy in grass

You are so lucky, Lisa!

Photo credit: Jeremy Elleman Photographer

The Girls Will Love Me!

Niyolo is perfuming himself for the ladies. :)

Sheltie puppy in flowers

What a cutie pie, DK!

Let’s Go Shopping!

Bailey is ready to be your personal shopper.

Sheltie puppy carrying purse

Robert, he is ADORABLE!



If The Shoe Fits…

His name is Billy the Kid (because although he LOOKS sweet, he IS an outlaw!)

Sheltie puppy sitting

They are charmingly deceiving, Marti! ;)