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This is a Sheltie stick up.

Yeah, I know.

My Sheltie jokes are really funny. :))


Buddy is such a little cutie, Carol!

Cutie Contagion

The first thing I did when I saw this was say, “Awwwww,” and then tilt MY head to the left.

It’s contagious!


Oh my Vicky, Jordan is sooo cute!

Hint, Hint.

Oh I’m just a cute ol’ puppy, who happens to be sitting here, on the floor, in your way, WITH A BALL in case you need some subtle emphasis!


Gordon is a real cutie, Sofia!

A Brother’s Worst Nightmare…

is his little sister!


Selena is having a serious conversation with Seumas, Roy! :)

Disapproving at such a young age

Sophie is looking so disapproving but yet so cute.

Are those compatible?puppy-sophia-sheltie

Larue. ;)