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Play Ball!

The fact that he is named after a baseball team, is caring a ball and is wearing a sports ball kerchief only helps the cuteness. ;)


Since I also live in New England Carla, I LOVE the name Fenway! ;)

You Shall Not Pass!

I am the wicked Prince Joey of this road.

The law states that only Shelties bearing gifts for Joey may pass.

Perhaps if you were wearing a snorkel like me, I would have let you pass.

But without a treat or toy – Joey the wicked Prince must forbid to letting you pass.


ROFL, Steve & Di!

Peek-a-Boo Puppy!

With my  Sheltie cream camouflage, I can has peeker and booer skillz!

Blair is adorable, Sheila!

Moms Come In All Sizes, Sexes And Species

To all Moms, Grandmoms, Step-Moms, Mr. Moms, Mom-in-laws, this one’s for you!


Little baby Duncan snuggling with his mom, Ladybug.

Thanks to Tracey!

What is This, Some Kind of Dog-and-Pony Show?


A little pony!


Bet little Dexter had fun playing with Fergus, Kerfuffle!