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A Portrait In Puppy Perfection

Maddy is spunky, sweet, sassy and silly all in one photo!

Sheltie puppy upside down

Lucky you, Wayne!


Peach Fuzz!

Daisy takes the job of guarding her mom’s peaches very seriously!


Such a cutie, Donna!


Smile, It’s Friday!

Daisy is happy too!


What a cutie, Summit!

I’m Home!

Introducing 10 week old fur cloud to our family and to Sheltie Nation: Niyolo Nodeen Nahele,

That means Forest Wind in Navajo. (Niyolo pronounced Knee Yo Low.)
Congrats to you, DK!

Looks Can be Deceiving

Here is my new puppy, Oliver.
He’s cute as a button but ever so ornery.

Nah…NEVER ornery when you are THAT cute, Tina!