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The Big Wild World O’ Cute!

We love Shelties and just picked up our new little boy Link!

link3He’s a super cutie as you can see.

link2These pictures are of link on his ride home. He’s 10 weeks old.

link1He was such a brave boy on his first car ride ever!

Lucky you, Robert & Marie!

Stuck in the Middle with You

Christian says: “Yes, ha ha. But a little help here please?”

puppybuttLOL, Claudette. What a look!

Paw-crossing Princess

Della is a proper young lady!


Oh but of course, Jordan. ;)

Well, if the sink fits…

Sid sits!


I had fun with this one , Marina! :))

Puppy from Heaven

Attached is a photo of our Sheltie, Cody, as a puppy. We’ve always called it our “Puppy from Heaven” picture because he looks so angelic. Cody is quite a character whose smile and personality effect everyone he meets. He’s 8 years old now, but is still our Puppy From Heaven.


Awe, isn’t it nice that all Sheltie puppies are a bit of heaven for us here on earth, Dan and Susan? :)