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Gina says: “you can’t see me under this leaf!”


Silly puppy, Pam & Brian!

We all need someone to look up to.

Misti Mae, a 12 week old Sheltie puppy looks up at her big brother, Stevie Wonder, a blind Collie.
Both adopted through Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.


So precious, Debbie!

When Puppies and TP Collide

Uh oh, caught red handed!

Naughty Jack!


When you are cute, all is forgiven right, Julie and Daniel? ;)

Stop staring at my leg warmers!

Don’t worry Shay, you will grow into those long legs!

Sheltie puppy

:) Nelly

With ears like that, we’re talking five-bar reception!

Christian, what lovely ears you have!


Thanks to Claudette. :)