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This is how you do it!

Our foster from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue is showing the rest of our Shelties how catching a ball should be done!

Sheltie jumping for ball

Pepper has skills, Janie!

Sometimes I wonder…

What is Isis thinking?

Sheltie closeup

Hugs for adopting, Chris. She is beautiful!

OK, We Adopted A Sheltie – NOW What?

You go hiking of course!

Sheltie on hike

Stig looks so confident, Kim!


Lassie? That’s not me, that’s the one on TV

My Sheltie’s name is Ross and he is a Rescue. What I really mean is he rescued us. Like “Lassie Come Home”, it’s almost like “Ross Came Home”.  We adopted him in late July 2016 from Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue.

We adore him!

Sheltie with Lassie movie

You are both lucky, Beth!

Hugs for adopting!

Champion of my Heart

This is Remmie who was adopted last year from NJ Sheltie Rescue.

This was her 1st NJ Sheltie Picnic. :)

Rescued Sheltie

OMG, such sweet ribbon too!

Luck you, Crew!