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The Fabulous Hannah Banana!

HannahbananaLucky you for getting to adopt such a cutie pie, Susan!

Rock Solid

Almost 15-yr-old Simeon (a Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue alumni) cools off next to the fireplace.


Looks like a very stylish den to me, Joyce. Hugs to you for adopting!

Party Time!

Foxy and Lily celebrated their first anniversary with me on May 31, 2013. They were adopted through Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis, MO.

Recently, SCSR had a Spring Fling/Reunion Get Together.  Foxy and Lily donned their Spring floral collars and were ready for their shoot!


Hugs to you for adopting these pretty girls, Mary Eileen!

Sheltie ears that tip perfectly…


tippedearsBeau is a former foster at Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.

He was adopted by his foster parents, who are proud to be foster failures!

He is beautiful, Debbie!

Hug Your Sheltie Today

Julie Canzoneri of Tri-State Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. coordinated an amazing group effort to rescue these long neglected Shelties. Her diligence and determination are what saved them.

This video is a bit tough to watch, but you can’t help but smile in the end!

Please consider donating to your local Sheltie rescue. They do amazing work on behalf of our favorite breed!