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“Hey Honey, We’re Out Of TP”

Jennie to the rescue!

Sheltie bringing TP

What a handy trick, Rob and Linda!

I Gotta Play it Cool

This is Robbie, our 2 year old baby. He had some minor surgery on his knee last week and is going to a rehab vet to get laser treatments. He was a cool customer to say the least. The goggles are for protection for his eyes. He is well on his way to recovery. 

Sheltie wearing shades

So glad to hear he is on the mend, Dan and Julie.

Hope he got to keep the ultra cool shades. ;)

WHO Wants Some Tummy Rubs?

I think Stormy does!

Sheltie on back

:) Mick

From the Muppet Files

Jordie (AKA, Mr. Fuzzypants) is cute coming or going!

sheltie trotting away

Love those fuzzy butts, Ambodavenz!

When Shelties Photobomb!

Just a picture of a cat named Juji.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Sheltie and cat

Maybe Kira is using her tongue as an in-dicator, as in “the noms go in here”, Liana?